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Annual Marathon, Half Marathon and Relay

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Imagine running surrounded by crisp ocean air, lush forests cheered on by the warm friendliness of the West Coast. It is a day that will be etched in your memory for many years to come!

The Edge-to-Edge Marathon was first developed as an economic driver to our communities suffering from a downturned economy. Since its creation by the Ucluelet Chamber of Commerce, it has turned into so much more. The pride of our communities on the West Coast certainly burst as we host over 2500 visitors each second weekend of June who come out for this great event.

The Edge-to-Edge also brought our communities together in a true celebration of the natural beauty and amazing health benefits our West Coast has to offer. The marathon has not only helped the economy recover, but created a health conscientiousness with local participation quadrupling over the course of the past 14 years. The Volunteer spirit is alive and well here with over 300 volunteers helping to organize this event.

Come experience Running on the Edge as you have never before!

Course for the Marathon and Relay has been changed for 2014!

RELAY TEAMS - NOW ONLY 4 MEMBERS (each leg about 10k) ...

NEW COURSE INCORPORATES WILD PACIFIC TRAIL – www.wildpacifictrail.com less hills and more trail run! Maps available soon.

The course will now be off the main highway, with start and finish in Ucluelet.

There will be road portions on a less travelled two-lane highway to Port Albion, followed by bike path and Wild Pacific Trial portions and winding through Ucluelet. The full course partially consists of hard packed gravel trail, and may not be suitable for all running abilities.