Route & Elevation Maps

Find everything you need to know about the race routes, elevation and terrain on our maps, including water station locations.

Half Marathon Route Map

Half Marathon Elevation Profile

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10km Route Map

10km Elevation Profile

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Rules & Cancellation Policy

Please read our rules and policies before signing up for the race.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

We have a few rules and policies for the Edge to Edge. Please contact Lara, our Race Director with any questions, or for more information.

We can only accept your registration if you agree to be bound by these rules and acknowledge on your entry form that you have read them.

These rules and policies are also available on the registration form hosted by Running Room.



Entry fees are non-refundable and/or non-transferrable under any circumstances. For legal and liability reasons runners cannot offer their unused bib to any other runner. Runners are not allowed to defer their unused entry to the following year.


The Ucluelet Chamber of Commerce, in accordance with management executives and the Board, municipal officials and local law enforcement, has the authority to cancel any of the events for emergency purposes such as, but not limited to, inclement weather or threat of terrorism. If such emergency conditions force cancellation, refunds cannot be provided since funds will have been spent in preparation for Race Day.


While there is space available, you may switch to a shorter distance – ie. switch your Half Marathon entry to a 10km entry however, the price difference will not be refunded. A $15 change fee will be applied to all changes, plus applicable online fees.


While there is space available, you may also switch to a longer distance – ie. switch your 10km to the Half Marathon however, you will be charged the price difference. A $15 change fee will be applied to all changes, plus applicable online fees.


The race fee recognized at the transfer to another distance, is the fee at the date of the switch, not the fee at the time of the initial registration.

If a registered runner runs another race without officially switching events prior to race day, upon crossing the Finish Line the runner will not receive a finisher medal. In addition, the timing company will register that runner’s time as DNF or Did Not Finish.
The use of strollers, bicycles, inline skates, or any other means of propulsion, pets, and personal drone use are strictly prohibited. The right to disqualify runners who fail to comply with these regulations is at the sole and exclusive decision of the Board of Directors of the Ucluelet Chamber of Commerce.

Race Director

Josh Jenkins